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About ProfoundLogic.tv

ProfoundLogic.tv is a site dedicated to providing educational videos and helpful tips on application development and modernization for IBM i professionals like yourself. We will strive to consistently provide short, useful videos that summarize and clarify some of today’s latest trends, ideas, and technologies. Allowing you, our viewers, to have a better understanding of what these trends are really about, and if they are important to you and your company.

As we work to build and grow this site, your feedback is critical. The goal of ProfoundLogic.tv is to offer information that is pertinent and useful to you. So please join the conversation, provide your feedback on any of our topics, and feel free to send us your ideas for new discussions in future episodes.

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About Profound Logic

Profound Logic Software is a proven leader of Web development tools and services for IBM i shops worldwide. Since our conception in 1999, our focus has been to make developers’ lives easier while delivering sustainable results for our clients. We have delivered consistently on this goal with the creation of many innovative solutions that make application development and modernization a fast and easy process.

Our tools, RPGsp, Genie, iData, RPG-Alive, and more, are used by thousands of customers to modernize green-screens, analyze legacy code, build charts and graphs for dashboards, and to easily deploy SOA, AJAX and Web 2.0 applications. Along with our software, we provide related training, consulting, and support services. Today, we have become a trusted solution provider for the IBM i community, and continue to grow as we satisfy businesses around the world.

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About Alex Roytman

Alex Roytman is the founder and CEO of Profound Logic Software, a leading provider of System i modernization tools and services. Starting as a software architect, Alex now has 15 years of experience working with the System i and the latest Web technologies. His expertise and passion in the field of Web development have led his company to create many popular modernization tools, win multiple awards for innovation, and gain over a thousand loyal System i customers in more than 50 countries.