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Opening up RPG on the IBM i with Open I/O

Recently at the RPG & DB2 Summit in Minneapolis attendees received a special sneak peak look from Ian Jarman into IBMs upcoming releases for the i 6.1.1 and 7.1. Among the many interesting new capabilities and features Ian talked about that day, he briefly addressed a new feature that really got me and many others in the IBM i community excited.

This feature, aptly named RPG Open I/O, provides a new method for developers to utilize RPG. Scheduled to be released with the i 7.1 later in Q1 of 2010, this open I/O access would potentially provide vendors, developers, and anyone else in the IBM i community with an easier way to interface with various devices and platforms directly from native RPG operations. Open I/O has even been suggested as a path to finally achieving a truly native GUI interface for the IBM i.

So in todays video, I share the latest information and details we currently know about this exciting new feature. We will also be joined by Philip Roestamadji, Marketing Director at Profound Logic, who will share some of his take on this upcoming open I/O feature. Plus, we will share a few details regarding our work on new solutions to take advantage of this feature, and provide a special beta invitation to all the viewers here on Profound Logic TV.

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How Web Application Development Evolved

In this video, I go over the evolution of Web application development. You will discover how it progressed from simple HTML-based documents into Rich Internet Applications, where the user interface controls the flow of the application and makes simple requests for data and business logic. In this paradigm, server-side code is not generating new HTML pages every step of the way; therefore, applications are more cohesive and maintaining application state becomes much easier. I also explain how Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) allows for a simple way to integrate your IBM i data and business logic with external systems, data, and applications.

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Introduction to Rich Internet Applications for the IBM i

In this video, you will be introduced to Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) as they relate to the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i). I will explain some of the details behind this technological phenomenon, and show you why it has top research companies making strong claims about its future in the market. You will see how RIAs compare with traditional Web applications, and how utilizing RIA Libraries and Frameworks can help you create powerful user interfaces (UIs) with little to no coding.

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